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Rated Torque 1 – 125 Nm 126-1000 Nm 1001-4000 Nm
Class A + B
Number of cyclesa
10.000 10.000 5.000
Class C
Number of startsb
1.800.000 1.200.000 500.000
Notes for the table can be found in the draft standard:

To a) : One cycle consists of nominal 90o angular travel in both directions ( i.e  90o to open and 90o to close), based on an averaged load of at least 30 % of the rated torque with the ability to transmit 100 % of the rated torque for at least 5 % at each end of travel, For angular travel other than 90o  the endurance shall beagreed between the purchase and the manufacturer/supplier

To b) : One start consists of a movement of at least 1o in either direction, with a load of at least 30 % of the rated torque.

Additional requirements: The actuator must be able to exert at least 90% of its original torque at the end of the test. The travel must likewise be between 98% and 102% of its original travel at the end of the test.