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TA Roloff is responsible for this website, represented by its Chief Executive Officer Bernd Roloff, Alderhorst 5, 22459 Hamburg

TA Roloff is entered in the German Business Registry (number 66 HRB 35728), Hamburg’s local court (Amtsgericht Hamburg)

VAT Registration Number : DE 11 854 1830 

Tax Number : 54 857 01259 

“Nurkraft” is a registered German trademark of Nurmark GmbH / Hamburg

The works of artists Michael Mattern (Itzehoe) and Carina Crenshaw (Hamburg) featured on our website are copyright protected.

 The authority to set standards lies with the German Institute for Standardisation (DIN) (Berlin) as well as the Comité Européen de Normalisation (Paris)

 We would like to thank Freiland Netzlösungen GmbH (Hamburg) for the creation of this website.

In the event of any useless legal proceedings or otherwise legally groundless claims, TA Roloff will lodge protective briefs at the relavant courts and/or will petition for a negative declaratory judgment without entering into any further correspondence.  Any costs resulting therefrom will be passed on to the claimant.