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E 71 Backup Voltage

During normal operation, the energy for the TA actuator comes from the mains power supply.

If no mains power supply is available because

  • the cable connection has been destroyed
  • there is a power failure in the plant
  • the “emergency off” mechanism has been activated in that area

the actuator will then move to its selected safety position (end position “open” or “closed”).

The power supply comes from accumulator batteries which are constantly kept at operating currents by a loading device to avoid total discharge. The charger is included in the delivery.

We recommend the patented FM System for Ex areas and for situations where rapid activation of an actuator’s failsafe mechanism is needed if the main power supply is cut. 

The FM System guarantees a fail-safe function even if the entire actuator (and not just the power supply ) fails. Please proceed to our website and click on the “Fail-safe” button to learn more about the differences between our E71 and FM fail-safe packages.