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Explosion Protection


All TA actuators carry the ignition protection category „d II C T6”. This means they offer protection via a flameproof enclosure to avoid the ignition of the most flammable gases (category “C”) with low flashpoints (“T 6”) in the surrounding environment. 

Actuators with a lower level of protection e.g. “II A T 3” are e.g. not suitable for environments containing sulphur dioxide.  If you are unsure about the exact consistence of different flammable substances in your specific operating surrounding, then using actuators from our selection of explosion proof actuators is the safest of bets.  

The actuator series TA 130 Ex and TA 140 Ex denote a higher level of fire protection with the letter “e”. They can be used in areas made dangerous by flammable gases on a case by case basis, where the use of electric motors would not otherwise be allowed.   

Actuator Series

TA 70 Ex

TA 130 Ex

TA 140 Ex

Torque Range (Nm) 90°- N x 360°




Thrust (N) for linear valves




Ingnition Protection Category

Ex II 2G Ex d  II C T6

Ex II 2G Ex de  II C T6

Ex II 2G Ex de  II C T6