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Explosion Protection


TA Roloff actuators also allow the automation of valves situated in areas where explosive ambient atmospheres occur due to the presence of gases or moistures. In these areas there is always the risk in that the dangerous atmospheres can find their way into the actuator, ignite due to a spark from the electromotor (if the flashpoint temperature is reached) and reach adjoining areas through gaps of the housing (so called flame transmission capacity). An explosion in such a plant area may cause personal injury and damage to property. Special precautions in the construction must therefore be taken in these areas to ensure that the actuator does not become an ignition source for the surrounding atmosphere as described above.  That these precautions exist with all TA-Roloff products is not merely a declaration of the manufacturer declaration examined by design testing according to the ATEX guidelines as well as verification certificates from recognised certification bodies such as IBExU and UL DEMKO.     

Actuator Series

TA 70 Ex

TA 130 Ex

TA 140 Ex

Torque Range (Nm) 90°- N x 360°




Thrust (N) for linear valves