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FM System Spring Return


The TA FM System combines the functions electric actuator (1) + automatic clutch (2) + return spring (3) to comprise a fail-safe mechanism which can quickly move a valve to its safety position without requiring electricity.  

The electric actuator (1) opens and closes the valve at the required intervals during normal operation with the use of its motor.

In the fail-safe mode (e.g. if the power fails), the electric actuator and valve are separated by the automatic clutch (2) and the valve is moved to its safety position using the return spring (3).

Process if the safety position has been set to „CLOSE” in the FM System (fail to close):

  1. The TA actuator (1) opens the valve – the return spring (3) is loaded with tension at the same time.
  2. The TA actuator is switched off when in the end position “OPEN”.
  3. If power is cut, the electric actuator (1) and valve are separated by an automatically activated clutch (2).
  4. The return spring (3) closes the valve.
  5. If the electrical power is restored the actuator (1) will automatically move to the “CLOSE” position on receiving the appropriate signal.
  6. The automatic clutch (2) engages in the “CLOSED” position.
  7. The system is once again ready for use and can be moved into the “OPEN” position by the motor.