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Multiturn Linear Operation
Gate valves and piston- valves are those in which the obturator performs a stroke movement. If the stroke movement is performed by a rod, a so called linear actuator will be mounted on the valve in order to automate it. If the stroke movement is executed by a threaded spindle, the actuator has to transmit a turning movement to achieve automation. Because of the fact, that several full turns are usually required to operate the open/close mechanism, the term “multi-turn actuators” is used in the industry. 

Definition of a thrust or linear actuator according to EN ISO 5210

 “A thrust actuator is a valve actuator with a straight line motion.”

Definition of a multi turn actuator according to EN ISO 5210

“A multi-turn actuator is an actuator which transmits to the valve a torque for at least one full revolution.  It is capable of withstanding thrust.”