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Multiturn Linear Operation

The actuators of the series TA 70, TA 120, TA 130 and TA 140 are available both as turning and linear actuators – those in the TA 60 series only as turning actuators.  

(1) Select the appropriate actuator series according to the required thrust. The required thrust to operate the valve should be less than the operating force of the TA actuator. The maximum value in the valve’s travel is of primary relevance. Gate valves and plug valves usually need the highest force in the “closed” position.

(2) Please proceed to our homepage and click on the button featuring the desired actuator series and learn more about their vital statistics and capabilities. If you are unsure of your valve’s data, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

Actuator Series TA 60 TA 70 TA 120 TA 130 TA 140
Torque Range (Nm) 0° – N x 360° 0-8 9-32 32-90 90-280 280-1500
Thrust (N) for linear valves 0-300 300-1000 1000-4000 4000-11500