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Mechanical adaptation

We will mount our actuator onto every  valve that you give to us. There has not been a single valve in the last 40 years that could not be mechanically adapted to our products. If any additional assembly parts become necessary we will make them ourselves.  

The mechanical adaptation on the actuator is carried out according to DIN ISO 5211 with a bore circle for the flange connection as well as for the variants of the valve stem..

Electrical adaptation

TA actuators feature integrated controls with built in end position and signallingswitches as well as the necessary components for operation e.g. rotation direction transfer relay and an overload protection mechanism.

However, TA Roloff also carries out any adaptations to customer specific conditions and interfaces with all the necessary modifications regarding switching, components, power supply, field bus usage, position feedback etc. It goes without saying that we offer an on-site installation service for our actuators..