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TA Actuator 120

Torque up to 90 Nm. Popular in shipbuilding, building services, freight wagons. Extremely reliable rotary drive in a robust all-metal housing that can withstand decades of use.

Up to 90 NmTA Actuator 120

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Product description

This drive has been produced with an unchanged basic design for decades. Commonly used in shipbuilding, water management and where space is limited. Known in building technology as a robust alternative to cheap drives that cause high maintenance costs.

The size ratio between actuator and valve in the torque range up to NW 125 appears very harmonious. Strong acceleration of serial runtimes can be easily implemented. In the IP 68 version, e.g. mounted in oyster breeding banks.


  • High torque (up to 90 Nm)
  • Compact size
  • Simple electrical control
  • Robust metal housing
  • Lots of options


Technical data 1

 TA 120TA 120/2TA 120 Z1TA 120 Z2TA 120 Z3
Torques50 Nm90 Nm50 Nm70 Nm90 Nm
Running time 90°approx. 4 secondsapprox. 6 secondsabout 14 seconds.about 25 seconds.about 50 seconds.
Weight5.5 kg6 kg6.5 kg6.5 kg6.5 kg
Duty cycle100 % ED S 4 (Class C) serial
(not TA 120/2)
100 % ED S 4 (Class C) serial
(not TA 120/2)
100 % ED S 4 (Class C) serial
(not TA 120/2)
100 % ED S 4 (Class C) serial
(not TA 120/2)
100 % ED S 4 (Class C) serial
(not TA 120/2)
Rated current2.5A2.5A2.5A2.5A2.5A
rated capacity75 KW75 KW75 KW75 KW75 KW

Technical data 2

Data sheet TA 120 / Multiturn / Linear application / Control mode
Multiturn  Linear operation  
TypeTA 120TA 120/2TypeTA 120120/2
Torque (Nm)50 Nm90 NmThrust force500 N1000 N
Running time 360°approx. 16 secondsapprox. 24 sec.max. thrust length140mm140mm
Possible 360° turns1-1001-100Running time (approx.)
for max. thrust length
approx. 8 secondsapprox. 12 seconds.
Weight5.5 kg6 kgWeight8.5 kg9 kg
General drive data
Duty cycle  100 % ED S 4 (Class C) serial
(not TA 120/2)
engine  24VDC  
Rated current  2.5A  
rated capacity  75W  
Height  285mm  
Width  160mm  
depth  175mm 


parameterdefaultOptionsService / custom-made products
Operating modeOpen/close 90° adjustment angle
  • Multi-way operation E 40
  • Multiturn operation
  • Linear operation
  • Consulting rule applications
  • Step control E18 or follow-up control E21
  • Data bus solutions
Flange connectionBolt circle according to DIN ISO 5211Structural parts according to the requirements of the valveMechanical connection in the factory
  • 230V AC/50Hz
  • other AC/DC voltage
Consulting electrical implementation
Cable entry
  • Compression fitting
  • M 20 x 1.5
Plug connectionElectrical connection on site
return message
Cam switch
  • Potentiometers
  • Transmitter 0-(4)-20 mA
  • Consulting signal processing
  • SMS control and feedback
Duty cycle100 % ED S 4 (Class C)
(not TA 120/2)
Permanently modulating
(Class D)
  • Engine modifications
  • Brushless motors
Metal casealuminumstainless steel
  • RAL paints
  • Coatings
  • Anodization
Protection classIP65Modifications up to IP68user-specific
Emergency operation
 Separating clutch with hand leverEmergency operation via handwheel
  • Auxiliary voltage E71
  • Spring closure FM system
  • Mechanical connection in the factory (adaptation)
  • Electrical connection on site


In this download area you will find further details about the specifications of this product. If you have any questions about the product variants, options or customization options,

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