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TA Roloff – Performance for Valves

Failsafe systems and automation of industrial valves since 1972


Our products and services are patented, certified multiple times and internationally recognized

Made in Hamburg

Here in the north we combine Hanseatic perfection with the highest quality “Made in Germany”


We are increasingly working with CO2 neutral and our products are already recyclable up to 98 %

H2 Ready

Our explosion-proof TA-Ex drives also work in hydrogen process chains

Visit us at Valve World We will be exhibiting from December 3rd to 5th, 2024 in Düsseldorf.
Visit us at Hydrogen Tech. Expo. We are exhibiting from October 23rd to 24th, 2024 in Hamburg.

Product rangesActuators & Failsafe Systems

TA actuators
Actuators for industrial valves
TA Ex drives
H2 Ready
IP 68 Ocean Gear
Drives for underwater use
TA Failsafe Unit
Failsafe retrofit unit
Failsafe drives with spring return
TA E 71 Backup Voltage
Auxiliary voltage units

Competence for the industrySpecial solutions from TA Roloff

TA Ex Housing
H2 Ready
For Siemens gas turbines
Safety valves
Air filter & pure water container
TA direct control
Mobile system control

TA actuatorsElectric drives for industrial valves

TA Roloff produces electric drives for industrial valves. Our systems impress with simple electrical control, patented technology and high-quality workmanship in a robust metal housing.

Our powerful actuators achieve a torque of up to 1500Nm and are available in different versions and performance classes. The options include application-specific modifications: from the plug connection, to the IP68 pressure encapsulation for permanent underwater operation, to the Explosion protection for use in potentially explosive plant areas.

All actuators
Market leader in the failsafe segment

Quality Made in Hamburg: TA Roloff GmbH has been producing failsafe safety technology and electric drives for industrial valves for more than 50 years.


TA failsafe systemThe fastest and highest torque failsafe system on the market

Since 1994, based on several patents, we have been producing a component for quickly shutting off valves as a safety device, for example in the event of a power failure or to prevent tanks from overfilling.

With operating times of well under 1 second and a torque of up to 15,000 Nm, we have outstanding technology that is a world leader and unmatched by any other manufacturer. All of our actuators can be equipped with a complete failsafe facility and remain ideal for system installation thanks to their compact design.

All failsafe variants

Certified trustQuality and sustainability

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