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TA 140 FM Ex

Our drives can be upgraded to spring-returning failsafe drives using the patented FM system, which allow the valves to move mechanically to the specified safety positions “closed” or “open” in the event of a power failure.

Ex II 2G Ex mb IIC T3 Gb (Atex)TA 140 FM Ex

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Product description

Depending on the type of valve, TA FM systems serially cover the torque range up to 700 Nm. NK FM systems are used when higher torques are required (up to 12,000 Nm) or the valve requires a faster motorized positioning time (<10s/90°).

TA FM systems in an explosion-proof version can be used in temperature class T3, e.g. for heating oil, and in explosion group 2C, e.g. for hydrogen. The magnetic coupling of the TA FM system has an encapsulation (mb).

TA FM systems do not require the gearbox of the electric drive to move to the safety position. The failsafe function can therefore also be triggered if the drive or gearbox is defective.

NK FM systems are delivered as AC drives with frequency converters. This enables the motor function to be optimized and torque changes in the valve to be detected.


TA FM systems

Advantages of the TA FM system:

  • Starting up the safety position without power
  • Actuation time 90° in failsafe mode is < 1 second (brake optional)
  • Operation possible even if the drive fails
  • Explosion protection possible
  • Patented and proven

The TA FM system uses the force of a steel spring for the fail-safe “spring return” maneuver after the electric drive and valve have been separated by an electromagnetic clutch. The response time for failsafe mode is extremely short in every position of the valve and is generally less than one second.

NK FM systems

Advantages of the NK FM system:

  • Starting up the safety position without power
  • Flexible adjustment of the motorized positioning time
  • High and very high torques
  • Can be used again as a motor immediately after the failsafe mode has been triggered
  • Detection of torque changes possible

The NK FM system is delivered with a frequency converter, which electronically enables a variety of options and replaces conventional components such as motor protection switches, contactors and the necessary cabling. All control information required by the drive can be routed via the power cable.


parameterdefaultOptionsService / custom-made products
Operating modeOpen/close 90° adjustment angle• Multi-way operation E 40 • Multi-turn operation • Linear operation• Consulting control applications • Step control E18 or tracking control E21 0-(4)-20 mA • Data bus solutions
Flange connectionBolt circle according to DIN ISO 5211Structural parts according to the requirements of the valveMechanical connection in the factory (adaptation)
Supply voltages24VDC• 230 V AC/50 Hz • other AC / DC voltageConsulting electrical implementation
Cable entry3 x M 25 x 1.5 Electrical connection on site
Position feedbackCam switch• Potentiometer • Transmitter 0-(4)-20 mA• Consulting signal processing • SMS control and feedback
Duty cycle• 100 % ED S4 (Class C) • for TA 140 otherwise 15 min S2 (Class B)Permanently modulating (Class D)• Motor modifications • Brushless motors
Metal casealuminumstainless steel• RAL paints • Coatings • Anodization
Protection class• Explosion protection • Ex II 2G Ex de IIC T6 (ATEX) • IP 65Modifications up to IP 68user-specific housings
Manual emergency operationScrew coupling with hand lever
Failsafe facilities• Auxiliary voltage E71 • Spring connection FM system• Mechanical connection in the factory (adaptation) • Electrical connection on site


In this download area you will find further details about the specifications of this product. If you have any questions about the product variants, options or customization options, “>contact Just tell us.

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