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Responsible for this website is the TA Roloff GmbH,
represented by their managing directors

Annett Olschewski and Bernd Roloff,

TA Roloff GmbH
22459 Hamburg,
T. +49 40 551 37 01
F. +49 40 555 15 91

TA Roloff GmbH is registered in the commercial register at the Hamburg District Court under 66 HRB 35728, VAT number: DE 11 854 1830, tax number: 54 857 01259.


enym – media competence

enym – media competence created inexpensive websites but also complex e-commerce solutions and social media marketing concepts. We'll take it over Advice and support your websites and social media channels so that you can concentrate completely on your customers. We also train your employees so that you have full access to the content and current status of your systems at all times. With us your project will be successful.


You use our website at your own risk. All technical information is subject to change and there is no guarantee for its accuracy. The technical documentation confirmed by TA Roloff GmbH in each individual case is always decisive. Planners and users only have rights against TA Roloff GmbH if there is a contractual relationship with us.
Copyright and image credits:

Texts, images and graphics, including their arrangement on the TA Roloff GmbH website, are subject to copyright protection. To the extent that content is lawfully stored, reproduced or distributed, reference must be made to the copyright of TA Roloff GmbH. The rights to referenced standards are held by the German Institute for Industrial Standardization DIN (Berlin) and the Comité Européen de Normalization CEN (Paris).

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