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References & areas of application

Our most important reference is your satisfaction – worldwide and at all times.

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Our products are used in demanding environments worldwide. Creating trust: Our most important reference is your satisfaction, regardless of whether you only buy a standard drive from us every year or become our long-term customer for special applications. Our products are used worldwide, whether in the Gobi desert or in the sewage treatment plant next door.

Best ofAreas of application (AZ)


Chemical plants

  • BASF, Bayer, Dow Chemical


  • BP, Esso, Shell, VTG tank farms

Offshore industry

  • Jan de Nul, Statoil


  • Abeking + Rasmussen, Aker Werft, Blohm + Voss, HDW, Lürssen K. Werft, Peene Werft

Other industries and applications

  • Crane, KSB, Minimax, Philips, Siemens, Swagelok, Tyco Valves
  • Fire protection systems in rail vehicles and road tunnels. Kerosene filling plants at major airports and many other areas with equally high requirements

Case studyAutomation of valves in the Urfttalsperre

With its impressive dam, the Urfttalsperre is the oldest dam in the Eifel, and for a long time it was Europe's largest and highest dam. The structure is a curved gravity dam, its crowns are 324 m above sea level. It was built between 1900 and 1905 under the direction of Aachen professor Otto Intze and is considered the cradle of modern dam construction. Today the Urfttalsperre is operated together with the Oleftalsperre and the Rurtalsperre (Eifel-Rur Water Association). All three structures serve to generate energy, provide drinking water and provide flood protection.

In this project, TA Roloff replaced Auma drives, which previously operated valves in the so-called valve towers of the Urfttalsperre via a 50 m long rod. The fittings are installed at the bottom of the towers to regulate the flow of water in the base drain tunnel. Depending on the flow rate, the level of the accumulated water changes. The operators of the system wanted the valves to be operated without rods using a waterproof electric drive. The linkage had the disadvantage that efficiency problems occurred and a noticeable torsion of the linkage caused problems in the accuracy of the flow rate control.

Permanent underwater operation

The drive series TA 70, TA 120, TA 130 and TA 140 are available in hermetic enclosure according to IP 68 for permanent underwater operation up to a water depth of 100 m. The IP 68 Oceangear series is therefore the first choice in system areas that are permanently, occasionally or only rarely flooded.

There is a permanent water column of 50 m above the drives we installed in the Urft dam. For a service call, this water column would have to be drained and the employee would have to be roped down into the tower with a crane. Because of the extreme installation position and the desired control accuracy, the customer initially ordered a drive to observe the reliability of the product.

Success story with a future

  • After our drive solution had worked reliably for over 5 years (!), we were able to automate 5 additional valves in the valve towers of the Urfttalsperre with our drives.
  • In addition to the installation position, it was important to ensure that the materials used (e.g. cables and lubrication of the gearbox with vegetable oil) are suitable for drinking water.
  • Precise control of flow rate regulation and actuation of valves without rods with a waterproof electric drive.
  • Use of the units from the IP 68 Oceangear series, as they are optimized for permanent underwater operation up to a water depth of 100 m.
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